Encouraging our students, faculty, and employees to always be constantly evolving and seeking innovations in their sectors in order to generate a positive and ethical impact on our society, anticipating trends, is our passion and this is reflected throughout our path.

From extension courses, Undergraduate, Postgraduate, International Executive MBAs to our exclusive High Impact Programs and in-company courses tailored to corporate clients, all programs developed by Saint Paul convey an innovative look at the demands of society and organizations, so that students raise the level of reflection and may excel in their careers at the most distinct points of their professional journeys.

This Is Who We Are

Saint Paul is a private for-profit company, which acts on different fronts to enhance learning and generate a positive impact on the market and society. We were born from an urge to transform the world through the formation of ethical, creative, innovative people and agents of change, by offering pioneering programs for executives that cause a positive impact on society, leading the industry in creating trends and promoting integration between the market and the academic world.

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In order to positively impact society, develop executives who actively act in the transformation of organizations, working for a more egalitarian and inclusive world, our school is divided into 4 main business areas aiming at improving its relationship with its audiences:

  • Saint Paul In Company for tailor-made corporate solutions;
  • Saint Paul Open Courses with Executive Education courses, Graduate Studies, MBAs, and High Impact Programs focused on  high business leadership;
  • Saint Paul Canals, which develops partnerships with reference schools in their regions with the purpose to bring Saint Paul’s courses to more cities in Brazil;
  • Saint Paul Faculdade, one of the 42 colleges in Brazil to hold IGC 5 and the number 1 Financial Management Technological Degree in the country, according to ENADE.

Discover  the creative minds behind Brazil’s most innovative business school

  • José Cláudio Securato – CEO & Founder of Saint Paul

    José Cláudio, Ph.D is an entrepreneur and professor. His great achievement was founding and consolidating Saint Paul Business School. Welcoming more than 10,000 students a year and about 400 teachers. Elected five times one of the best schools for executives in the world (Financial Times), first place in the education category in the McKinsey & Valor Econômico digital maturity ranking (2018), and considered the most innovative education company using technology by IT Mídia (2019).

    Transforming the lives of thousands of people through knowledge seemed enough. But the certainty that the impacted students were a tiny number of people when compared to the millions of Brazilians without access to quality learning, made José Claúdio dream even bigger: how to democratize quality learning? In December 2016 the answer was come: a disruptive learning platform: LIT.

    Author of ten books, including Onlearning – How Disruptive Education Reinvents Learning.

  • Adriano Mussa – Partner, Dean & Director of A.I.

    After participating in the construction of Saint Paul Business School being in charge of the academic area, causing Saint Paul to be elected five times as one of the best schools for executives in the world according to the Financial Times, in 2017, Mussa accepts the challenge of democratizing the quality education by reinventing learning through disruptive strategies and Artificial Intelligence (AI), with the launch of the LIT platform (2018).

    In addition to his academic role, Mussa leads the use of AI on several branches, as the foundation of the platform, pushing students to learn more, in a customized and faster manner, and for creating what has been called the first teacher-tutor in the world that makes use of IBM Watson Artificial Intelligence.

    He is Dean, Academic Director, Director of Artificial Intelligence, and Partner of Saint Paul School of Business and LIT. Post-doctorate in Artificial Intelligence from Columbia University, Doctor in Administration (Finance) from FEA-USP. Professor and speaker on AI, Reskilling, Finance, and Education. Winner of more than 25 awards as best professor in MBA and Post-MBA programs at institutions where he has taught.

  • Camila Securato – Partner & Chief Revenue Officer

    Digital world enthusiast and bearing an exceptional commercial acumen, Camila left the world of the financial market behind – but never the passion for numbers – to dedicate herself to ​​Saint Paul’s commercial area, where she has always been a trendsetter in the segment making use of tools that increase consumer engagement, thus also taking over the school’s marketing area, always being an early adopter of the state-of-the-art means in digital marketing. Of course, all this love for data and the digital universe could only result in being one of the creators of LIT, helping to revolutionize education not only through the “classroom experience”, but also in how to communicate with customers and users.

    Camila has an MBA from Columbia University and a Ph.D. in Business Administration from FEA | USP.

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LIT: Our digital platform is a world reference in the educational use of artificial intelligence, and democratizes the best learning globally. With courses produced and curated by Saint Paul, LIT allows people in the four corners of the planet to access thousands of hours of high-quality content for a single, affordable monthly subscription.

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Saint Paul Publisher: With more than 200 Business books published, our publisher has released bestsellers in several areas, such as Administration, Accounting, and Economics, as well as working with titles in related areas such as Finance, Management, Marketing, Leadership, Corporate Governance, Technology, and Retail. As our school, Saint Paul Publisher plays a key role in driving digital transformation in the business world, with pioneering books in Brazil in their fields of study. Currently, the Publisher is part of the global trend in the publishing world, working with self-publishing, ensuring that more authors can promote learning about their areas of knowledge.

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Saint Paul Advisors: Independent Investment and Mergers & Acquisitions boutique dedicated to medium and large clients in Brazil. SPA is focused on corporate finance advice, Mergers & Acquisitions mandates, own capital raising (equity) or third parties (debt) in the private market, identifying investment opportunities, advising investors and venture capital.

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Dean’s Office and Academic Direction

Founded and led by professors, Saint Paul seeks in its teaching staff the same passion for driving students to lead transformative movements in their sectors that benefit society and change the status quo. Aligned with this concern is the excellence in the team, bringing together doctors, masters, and market experts who, with practical experience, excellent teaching, and anticipation of trends, have the main mission to bring the best learning to students.

Adriano Mussa

Adriano Mussa

Dean & Director of Research in Artificial Intelligence

André Nardy

André Nardy

Vice-Chancellor & COO Saint Paul In Company

Bianca Sincerre

Bianca Sincerre

Deputy Director-General | Deputy Dean


Our school has the learning at the center of its efforts, setting trends with its new methodologies that enhance students’ learning and encourage them to be the protagonists of their journeys, developing empowered and proactive professionals to break barriers, transform sectors and industries and become an active part of the social and cultural change needed to reinvent the world.

Why Saint Paul?

Innovation is more than a speech

Global reference in the use of emerging technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence, for education, we know that it is necessary to be constantly reinventing ourselves in order to bring to our students the answers to social and organizational urges. This pioneering and innovative character earned Saint Paul the awards for Digital Maturity McKinsey&Co + Valor Econômico and 100+ Innovators from IT Mídia, taking first place in both awards in the education category.

Academic solidity with methodological innovation

5 times elected one of the best business schools in the world by the Financial Times, Saint Paul incorporates all the know-how of the best international schools with an innovative vision and pioneering methodologies to impact society through our students.

Dynamic academic content

As a school run by professors, Saint Paul has an academic team dedicated to the research and development of academic content that meets the needs of the future of work, encouraging professors to present innovations in their areas of research in the classroom.

World-renowned Partners

In order to offer a truly global experience that broadens the horizons of students, we have entered into partnerships with other educational institutions and organizations in Brazil and around the world that share our concern to impact society positively and ethically. Working together, we develop unique programs that become a reference in their areas, inspiring all further courses in our school to incorporate the trends, methodologies, and best practices that our partners have enriched us. Globally, we work from exclusive modules for our High Impact Programs, to programs made in collaboration with reference organizations in their fields of study.

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Transforming the World through Education

We believe that the development of society goes mandatory through education, therefore, our most significant contribution is to ensure access to quality education and practices that reduce environmental impacts and help change mental models for cultural and social transformation, working with organizations and projects. that disseminate culture and education to all social spheres.

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A Team Where Every Player Makes a Difference

Waking up to work happy because you will meet your friends, not having to spend more time on politicking than working, not spending the whole day walking on eggshells in order to avoid increasing conflict with other areas, being able to express your ideas, and knowing that your commitment, dedication, and innovations make difference, are your dream of a professional life? Come be part of a team that really plays along, gets down to business, and works collaboratively to achieve a single purpose, regardless of positions and areas.

Send your CV to our HR department: trabalheconosco@saintpaul.com.br

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